A Soft Landing

You are here, now.


For most of my life, I have written. I began writing stories before starting school; I had family that encouraged writing in all its forms. I wrote poetry, essays, and speeches. I wrote songs and slogans. I never went anywhere without a notebook.

Somewhere between the responsibility and rebellion of my early twenties, I laid down my pen. Dust settled on it until, ink dry, it became buried beneath legal documents, or swept into cracks as I cleaned empty apartments. It’s taken years for me to find it; years to rediscover my voice, once beaten down to a whisper, is the crescendoing roar that has occupied my ears.

I am not looking to take any specific topic and run with just that. I do want to share my experiences, and explore them through the kaleidoscope of who I am. I am not just a wife or a mom, not just a woman trying to have it all. I am not just anything. To compartmentalize myself here, in writing, would be to sanitize my lived experience and, pardon my ego, dull the complicated and colorful glow that was nearly extinguished. I refuse to put myself away again.

I have kept a good schedule of posting once every two weeks. I’m working on bringing in some other things; maybe some poetry, some shorter form work, maybe even dabbling with fiction (gasp!). Whatever I am working on, I am going to be writing about whatever needs telling at that time. If you don’t like the topic, come back another time, or look around here for something that speaks to you. Other than that, let me know your thoughts on the site, the writing, etc. Lastly, at the risk of sounding like every YouTube channel ever, feel free to share this page. Post the link on your social media, write it down in a letter to your relative who refuses to use social media, interact with an actual human outside of social media and let them know about it. You do you.

Stay tuned!

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